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Efficient Processing of AdHoc Topk Aggregate Queries in .

In this paper, we develop a principled framework for. efficient processing of adhoc topk (ranking) aggregate. queries in OLAP. Such queries provide the k groups. .

Aggregate query processing in the presence of duplicates ...

Aggregate query processing in the presence of duplicates in wireless sensor networks Article in Information Sciences 297 · November 2014 with 38 Reads How we measure 'reads'

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An aggregate join index is a database object created using the CREATE JOIN INDEX statement, but specifying one or more columns that are derived from an aggregate expression. An aggregate join index is a join index that specifies MIN, MAX, SUM, COUNT, or that extracts a DATE value aggregate operations.

Processing Complex Aggregate Queries over Data Streams

suits to user queries while looking at the relevant data items only once and in a fixed order (determined by the streamarrival pattern). Two key parameters for query processing over continuous data streams are (1) the amount of memory made available to the on line algorithm, and (2) the peritem processing time required by the query processor.

Aggregate Query Processing on XML Data

Most of the abovementioned query processing techniques return the final results that satisfy the pattern specified in the query. However, in many situations we only want exact result size of a path expression instead of the final results. In other words, the aggregate value over the result set is desirable. An example of such aggregate queries is

What Is the Definition of a Database Query?

Sep 12, 2019· A query must be written in the syntax the database requires — usually a variant of Structured Query Language. The Elements of a SQL Query SQL queries using Data Manipulation Language (the set of SQL statements that access or modify data, as opposed to the Data Definition Language that modifies the structure of the database itself) consist of ...

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Parallel Query Processing. A serial execution plan, used by a nonparallel query, uses only one worker thread for its execution. The actual number of worker threads used by a parallel query is determined at query plan execution initialization and is determined by the complexity of .

Query Processing in DBMS Database

Sep 25, 2014· Query Processing in DBMS / Steps involved in Query Processing in DBMS / How is a query gets processed in a Database Management System? / Query Processing overview / Database Query Processing Query Processing. Query Processing would mean the entire process or activity which involves query translation into low level instructions, query ...

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Aggregate definition, formed by the conjunction or collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum; total; combined: the aggregate amount of indebtedness. See more.

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In the process of information gathering, there are times when queries are sent to multiple noncollaborative databases. In order to obtain more refined information, aggregate operation has to be performed on the join results. These operations include sum, count, max, min, and average.

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To answer the point query, a column vector is constructed with all entries 0 except that of which the point query is being asked and the value there is 1. The query is answered by computing the inner product of the wavelet coefficients synopsis vector with the wavelet synopsis vector of a point query vector.

Order of Execution of SQL Queries

Jul 18, 2013· Given any SQL query, is basically impossible to anybody to pretend it knows the execution order. If you add detailed information about the schema involved (exact tables and indexes definition) and the estimated cardinalities (size of data and selectivity of keys) then one can take a guess at the probable execution order.' Really?

The Generalized PreGrouping Transformation: Aggregate ...

efficient evaluation of OLAP aggregate queries is the usage of clustering access methods. These methods store the fact table of a data warehouse clustered according to the dimension hierarchies using special attributes called hierarchical surrogate keys. In the presence of these access methods new processing and optimization

An Introduction To Data Stream Query Processing

Outline 1 The Need For Data Stream Processing 2 Stream Query Languages 3 Query Processing Techniques For Streams System Architecture Shared Evaluation Adaptive Tuple Routing Overload Handling 4 Current Choices For A DSMS Open Source Proprietary 5 Demo 6 Q A Neil Conway (Truviso) Data Stream Query Processing May 24, 2007 2 / 45

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space for multigranularity aggregate query processing, a novel approach is presented, which could decreases the time overhead of query processing from O(m) to O(logm), where m is the number of windows being monitored. † An efficient synopsis, called Inverted Histogram (IH), is employed, and the algorithm for query processing is given.

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An aggregate function takes a set of tuples and returns a single value that summarizes the information contained in the set of tuples. Spatiotemporal aggregate query first retrieves the qualifying objects that satisfy a spatiotemporal query predicate and returns aggregation information (, count, average) on .

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